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July 28, 2012

No rest for the Wicked…

Well it’s been a busy week!  And thank the gods, no more migraines!  I wrangled my home back into submission, caught back up on laundry, brain stormed more box painting designs, worked some more on this blog behind the scenes, imbedded an Etsy shop app into my Facebook fan page, and have been trying to learn Pinterest….Are there classes to learn how to make all these social medias work for you? LMBO.  Oh and I checked out the blogs of the lovely bloggers who liked my last post =D  I thank you guys dearly!!

Yesterday we weathered the sweltering heat for hubby’s troop cookout, last minute notice and all…..whew! it’s so humid out there you can barely breathe when you step outside from the cold air conditioning!  But somehow we managed.  I’ll tell ya, that’s one way to get the kids to drink water!  We’d normally be headed out to the beach today, but I guess we’re wimps when it’s this hot and there’s heat advisories posted.  Really I think we’re both just too dang tired to deal with it today, we’ve been numerous times this month already…sometimes you just need to rest. Beach outings are a lot of work you know!

I’m much too tired after staying up late watching the Opening Ceremony last night.  Anybody else watch?  I already tweeted and posted on fb about my favorite moment, involving the Queen and James Bond!  LOL.  The little history lesson they gave us was quite entertaining to say the least.  And of course I loved all the Mary Poppins-es flying into the stadium!  One of my beloved childhood favorites 🙂  I’ll have to confiscate the main house TV back into my control to catch any of the events airing today….but my major plans at the moment consist of the painting of boxes and working on all these social mediums some more!  Avoiding washing the car or doing yard work is only an ugly lie….such accusations are highly uncalled for!  Really!

Well….off to paint!


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