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August 24, 2012

Trash Talking Busy Bee, That’s Me

Another week has zipped past, and I have been one busy little bee.  I’ve finished four pieces all part of the collection I’ve been working on, although the last one is sporting a different symbol than the rest….sooo….one might come to the conclusion that it is not actually part of the collection….make of it what you will.  That collection is almost complete, and other separate pieces have been started, and more are in the planning stages.  Producing enough stock to ply my wares at my vendor booth next month at pagan pride day is hard work yo!

Meanwhile, my geek man got back into playing MagicTG……now I must design boxes to hold and organize his decks and so forth.  Which leads me into starting a new line of box designs.  Now, when I say he’s back into playing, what I really mean is he will be organizing and re-organizing his cards like a fiend….because that’s what he does when he’s not actually talking smack playing, LOL, it’s cute, and one of the many reasons I love him in all his geekery 😉

Amongst my painting, sketching, vendor planning, MagicTG spectating, oh and house cleaning; I caught up on the show Hung…which I think is an okay show, except for the inane need of every character to repeat Tanya’s name at the beginning of practically every sentence they say to her….AND they stress her name!  WHY?!  What is the point of this?  I find it highly irritating.  Otherwise, it’s a pretty likeable show.  It’s no True Blood, Dexter, Weeds, Breaking Bad, or Downton Abby…but it passes the time.  Oh, as a side note I guess, I also finished watching Girls….I don’t really know what I think of it other than wondering if I was ever that ridiculous…..I don’t think I was.  I’m pretty sure I was born wise in every aspect of life.  True story.

Speaking of True Blood…yeah I made that segue….the season finale is this Sunday!  I’m dying from anticipation of what will happen, while also crying that it will be the end until next summer!  It Sucks!  Of course depending on how they end this one, I may not want to continue watching it next season.  I swear, if they redeem Beehl and turn it all around into him being this god forsaken tortured soul getting lost from his humanity, or worse– him having been playing a long con to overthrow the sanguinistas….I will retch and probably cry real blood tears, then possibly write hate mail to Alan Ball.  I mean, really?  Beehl is no Angel/us.  Beehl “the Kang and chosen Jaun” is the bad guy people!  And I fear for the state of minds of these Bill-lovers eagerly awaiting Sookie to take him back….talk about delusional.  Maybe they are airing different versions of the show or something?  Or else they’re handing out samples of Lilith’s blood through certain viewers’ tv’s.  And has anyone else wondered what the point of Nora’s character really is?  Because so much of this season has been centered around her, but yet she’s an insubstantial character, we know nothing about her, and nothing so far has engaged me to like her.  All the characters on True Blood are pretty darn awesome and fleshed out…but somehow this one fell short…what’s up with that?  And how many of us are worried Eric will die sacrificing himself?  It seems very possible if you’re following the alchemical wheels of the show.  Of course that means he’d have to be resurrected somehow, which would be totes cool, if you ask me.  Which you would…ask me, that is.  Because what is True Blood without the Viking Vampire God?  Not worthy, that’s what.  Yeah, so, that’s my rant for the day.

Moving on and wrapping up the week, we took part in the eventful and stressful ritual of open house at the respective schools of our children.  I must say, I’m actually pleased with the teachers we were able to meet, and have high hopes that it will be a pretty good school year.  My eldest’s language arts teacher is ditching their big literature book for individual novel studies each semester, starting with “The Hobbit” for the first nine weeks.  My geek hubby asked if he could take her class too, he was so ecstatic about it, LOL, gotta love ’em.

That’s my week in a nutshell, given to you with the over-use of the word pretty as an adverb and a healthy does of True Blood fan worshiping, cause that’s how I roll.

If you’d like to check out my four latest pieces, and you find any or all of them appealing please show the love and Favorite it, Like it, Pin it, Tweet it, and/or Share it:

Altar Tile with Celtic Pentagram knotwork  via @Etsy


Altar Bowl with Celtic Pentacle and Knotwork  via @Etsy


Altar Plate with Celtic Knotwork Pentagram  via @Etsy


Celtic Unity Knot – Small Rectangle Hinged Box  via @Etsy


Well, I must be off…..painting to be done…..ideas to be had…inspiration to be found….

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