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August 17, 2012

Apothecary Love

For some reason I have an obsession with Apothecary chests.  I’m always on the lookout for them wherever I go.  I even keep my eyes peeled for them in the background of shows and movies!  I have an addiction to boxes in general for some reason, but Apothecary Chests really are my “piece de resistance” 🙂  Another reason why I love to call my boxes of art ApotheCurios!  So, I try to get my hands on as many variations of them as I can to paint! 

Therefore, my latest finished piece is a Mid Sized Apothecary Chest with 5 Drawers, adorned with my hand painted Celtic Knotwork in Silver on an Emerald Green base color.  I added Silver drawer pulls reminiscent of a card catalog drawer, because I love those too!  This chest is smaller than the Largest chest in my shop, but is taller and has larger drawers than the Smallest chest in my shop.  You can check out the listing for this new chest here: 

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Well, I must be off…..painting to be done…..ideas to be had…inspiration to be found….

Thanks for stopping by!

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