Feeling Framed?

If you’re like me it may have taken you years before you ever found the perfect statue for your patron God and Goddess, or Saints to go on your altar.  However, I found many beautiful depictions online that would have been perfect if I’d had a way to display them properly.  And so this idea was born.  To create beautiful frames for my favorite pieces that would make my altar feel complete.

Maybe you already have the perfect statues for your personal altar, but for group rituals you often decide to honor different Gods or Goddesses that you have no depictions of, to place on the ritual altar.  These frames and mini easels are perfect solutions to displaying prints that you can switch out for every ritual.

Obviously these are not the only uses to be found for these lovely items.

The frames can be used to display your typical things such as photographs, works of art, or even special greeting cards you have kept but had no idea what to do with.

The easels can be used to also display photos and cards as well as daily devotional or tarot cards pulled for meditations.  But one of my favorite handy uses is as a business card holder and even as stands for table place settings and name cards for special occasions like weddings or formal dinners.

I’m sure you can find other inspiring ways to use them as well!  I hope you’ll check them out and maybe even let me know what you think of them.  I’m also working on traditional styled picture frames with the typical fold out easel leg.

Celtic Knotwork Picture Frame http://etsy.me/MXD2UW via @Etsy


Celtic Knotwork Mini Easel Card Stand http://etsy.me/OwkBGJ  via @Etsy



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