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July 31, 2012

Feeling Framed?

If you’re like me it may have taken you years before you ever found the perfect statue for your patron God and Goddess, or Saints to go on your altar.  However, I found many beautiful depictions online that would have been perfect if I’d had a way to display them properly.  And so this idea was born.  To create beautiful frames for my favorite pieces that would make my altar feel complete.

Maybe you already have the perfect statues for your personal altar, but for group rituals you often decide to honor different Gods or Goddesses that you have no depictions of, to place on the ritual altar.  These frames and mini easels are perfect solutions to displaying prints that you can switch out for every ritual.

Obviously these are not the only uses to be found for these lovely items.

The frames can be used to display your typical things such as photographs, works of art, or even special greeting cards you have kept but had no idea what to do with.

The easels can be used to also display photos and cards as well as daily devotional or tarot cards pulled for meditations.  But one of my favorite handy uses is as a business card holder and even as stands for table place settings and name cards for special occasions like weddings or formal dinners.

I’m sure you can find other inspiring ways to use them as well!  I hope you’ll check them out and maybe even let me know what you think of them.  I’m also working on traditional styled picture frames with the typical fold out easel leg.

Celtic Knotwork Picture Frame via @Etsy


Celtic Knotwork Mini Easel Card Stand  via @Etsy


July 28, 2012

No rest for the Wicked…

Well it’s been a busy week!  And thank the gods, no more migraines!  I wrangled my home back into submission, caught back up on laundry, brain stormed more box painting designs, worked some more on this blog behind the scenes, imbedded an Etsy shop app into my Facebook fan page, and have been trying to learn Pinterest….Are there classes to learn how to make all these social medias work for you? LMBO.  Oh and I checked out the blogs of the lovely bloggers who liked my last post =D  I thank you guys dearly!!

Yesterday we weathered the sweltering heat for hubby’s troop cookout, last minute notice and all…..whew! it’s so humid out there you can barely breathe when you step outside from the cold air conditioning!  But somehow we managed.  I’ll tell ya, that’s one way to get the kids to drink water!  We’d normally be headed out to the beach today, but I guess we’re wimps when it’s this hot and there’s heat advisories posted.  Really I think we’re both just too dang tired to deal with it today, we’ve been numerous times this month already…sometimes you just need to rest. Beach outings are a lot of work you know!

I’m much too tired after staying up late watching the Opening Ceremony last night.  Anybody else watch?  I already tweeted and posted on fb about my favorite moment, involving the Queen and James Bond!  LOL.  The little history lesson they gave us was quite entertaining to say the least.  And of course I loved all the Mary Poppins-es flying into the stadium!  One of my beloved childhood favorites 🙂  I’ll have to confiscate the main house TV back into my control to catch any of the events airing today….but my major plans at the moment consist of the painting of boxes and working on all these social mediums some more!  Avoiding washing the car or doing yard work is only an ugly lie….such accusations are highly uncalled for!  Really!

Well….off to paint!

July 24, 2012

Mandatory holiday due to migraine visit

Worst migraine ever today! Didn’t get to eat because of the lovely nausea and now that it’s subsided I’m frakking starving!! Arby’s never smelled so good, no really, it never smells good to me! LOL. But it did tonight! Scarfed it right down…probably gonna regret that tho…..oh well, such is life. Looking forward to actually getting things done tomorrow! That’s the nice thing about migraines isn’t it? Once you’ve weathered a really heinous one, the next day should be an all clear from the gods. Right? ….for at least a week!

Hubby was on a four day weekend after going back to work last week….after 15 days on leave, plus kids on summer break….you can imagine the condition of my house. HA! Or what it would be if I didn’t have a truly amazing husband! Seriously, my dear love is a dream and helps out sooo much….especially since summer break started. But even so, I still have much work to do! (I can never seem to get very much done when he’s home LOL.) Once the housework is out of the way I can work on painting! I have some pieces I need to finish and some ideas to lay out for some sets I need to flesh out, and then some variations on some current pieces I want to recreate….we will see how much of that I can actually accomplish. But, first I’ll have to jumpstart my day with some yoga and then go from there 🙂 Here’s hoping for a glorious migraine free day!

Meanwhile the sandman doesn’t look like he’ll be visiting anytime soon after my impromtu holiday of sleeping that migraine away much of the day. Kicking back and re-watching last night’s epi of True Blood is at the top of my to-do list right now, maybe enjoy some chocolatey ice cream goodness while drooling over me some Vicking eyecandy v-v He was certainly full of snark last night wasn’t he!

Well, later dear friends!

Ravyn’s Nest on Etsy.

July 23, 2012

Slow Going

So I’m trying out posting a blog from the iPad WordPress app, and it locks up and loses everything…..not sure I want to type it all again…. *face palm* *head-desk*


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